The Tax Provision metadata is provided with descriptions in several languages.

Information about supported languages for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System products is available in spreadsheet format on the Translation Support tab in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Certification Matrix. This matrix is posted on the Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations page on OTN:

Descriptions are available in a text file format required by the HFM Metadata Localization Utility. Description files can be found in this directory: ApplicationFiles\03\Metadata\Additional Languages.

You can add descriptions to the application by defining additional languages in the Application Profile. Add the descriptions in those languages for all dimension members to the Application Profile (Frequency and Period descriptions) and Metadata file (all metadata dimensions).

You should include all languages needed for the application in the Application Profile before creating the application, because you cannot add languages later without rebuilding the application.

You can use the HFM Metadata Localization Utility to insert additional language descriptions to the metadata file based on the translation file. You should create additional translation files for other languages as needed. The HFM Metadata Localization Utility is provided as part of Financial Management installation. For more information, see the guide provided with the utility.

Oracle recommends that you do not remove the en-US descriptions from the application.