The Tax Provision standard application profile defines these frequencies:

YTDYear-to-DateHighest Frequency/View for the application
ATDAnnual-to-DateAdditional Frequency/View for the application if needed
QTDQuarter-to-DateAdditional Frequency/View for the application if needed
MTDMonth-to-DateLowest Frequency/View for the application

The provided default frequencies assume that the Tax Provision process is completed on a monthly basis, quarterly basis, or annual basis. If a half-yearly provision is needed, you can create an additional Frequency entry to include the Half-Year-to-Date (HYTD) member. You can remove any Frequency entry that is not applicable. However, you must make the corresponding changes to the Period hierarchy.

You can change the Frequency labels and descriptions as required. If you change the labels, then you must also change the default frequencies applied to the Scenario members in metadata.