The Tax Provision standard application profile defines the range of years as 2010 to 2025. The Start Year is 2010. You can change the Start Year if needed. Oracle recommends you set the Start Year to be one year before the actual start year for provisioning.

The first year is used to enter closing balances and closing rates for the provisioning year. Calculations are set up to automatically copy the prior year closing balances and closing rates to the opening balances for the current year.

The standard file provided assumes a total of 15 years from the Start Year. If additional years are needed for the application, you can change the year range as required by changing the Number of Years value.

There are no descriptions for years.

Because the sample Tax Provision application defines the start year as 2010 in the profile, this Start Year information is also used in the application rule file (TaxProv_Rules.rle). If you change the Start Year for an application, you should also modify the CONST section at the top of the rule file by entering the correct start year for Const START_YEAR.

The standard profile is also set up with 15 as the total number of years. Therefore, the constant value used for the End Year in the rule file is 2014. If you change either the Start Year or total number of years in the profile, you must also update the value for Const END_YEAR.