Custom Dimensions

Tax Provision includes the following Custom dimension information as part of the Application Profile (TaxProv_Profile.per). These Custom dimensions are required for the Tax Provision application and you should not modify them.

The Application Profile includes the Custom dimension name (10 characters maximum), Custom dimension alias (20 characters maximum) and the dimension size (Small/Medium/Large).

Table 1. Custom Dimensions

NumberDimension NameDimension AliasSizeComment
1RFRollForwardLargeThe Movement dimension in which the system captures all current-year activity of a specified Tax account.


This is also the “From” dimension used for Currency Rate data.

2JDJurisdictionLargeDefines the principle place of business for each legal entity. This is the dimension used for defining Nations and Regions.


This is also the “To” dimension used for Currency Rate data.

3RSReportingStandardSmallUsed to store different types of provisions to be done in the application (for example, US GAAP, UK GAAP, IFRS).
4DCDataCategoryMediumUsed to store different types of data. This includes Source data, PreTax data or Tax-Effected data.
5TTTaxTypeSmallUsed to store the TaxType classification, whether the data presents National or Regional data.