Updating Applications with Additional Custom Dimensions

After you add Custom dimensions, you must update the application by running the UpdateTaxObjects utility. The utility updates the data form and report definition files with the new Custom dimension information. The UpdateTaxObjects utility is located in the installation zip under Utilities/UpdateTaxObjects/UpdateObjects.jar. The UpdateTaxObjectsUsage.txt file contains instructions on using the utility.

  To update the application:

  1. From the application files, navigate to Utilities/UpdateTaxObjects/UpdateTaxObjects.jar

  2. Export all existing data forms and reports to a folder before running the utility.

  3. Run the utility with the desired parameters.

  4. After the utility is finished, import all the updated data forms and reports.


    You can import reports to an repository folder, however, all of the reports for a particular application must be located in the same folder. Common report objects (for example, TaxCompanyName, TaxCompanyReportTitle) must be located in the Financial Reports/Tax folder.