Tax Accounts Subgroup

The Tax Accounts subgroup contains the Tax Accounts needed to calculate the Current Provision for National and Regional. It also contains the detail accounts to calculate the Deferred Tax for National and Regional.

In most cases, the Tax Accounts are system-defined accounts and should not be modified. However, you must provide the additional detail Tax Accounts required for your application. See the subsequent sections for instructions to add additional detail tax accounts.

The sample tax application provides some detail Tax Accounts as examples. You should replace these accounts with the required detail accounts for your application. See the subsequent sections for details to be added to the accounts.

Tax Accounts hierarchy

For Temporary Difference accounts, you can calculate Tax Rate changes in Equity (NonProvision) instead of P&L (Provision). You specify Tax Accounts that should use RateChange in Equity using the RCToEquity user-defined property. See Account User-Defined Properties.