Regional Current Provision

The Regional Current Provision (RCurrentTaxExpense) account hierarchy structure contains all tax accounts to be used for Current Provision Regional calculations. The accounts for total Regional Permanent Differences and Regional Temporary Differences are already included in the structure, as well as the total Regional Tax Credits and Tax Losses accounts. You should include applicable base members specific to your company for these totals to reflect the specific account details for the application.

The account hierarchy structure setup for Regional Current Provision below is system-defined. You can replace parents of base permanent and temporary difference accounts, but not the ultimate parent for that section, such as GAAP to Stat (for example, PermGSTotal), or Stat to Tax. You can replace detailed accounts indicated with an asterisk (*) in the structure below with your application account details. You can include additional account entries in the corresponding parent account. These are all Input account entries. Accounts with a plus sign (+) have the same account structure as described in the current provision hierarchy.

For example, parent account RCurrentAddtlSrcTotal (Total Regional Additional Current Provision) consists of individual additional regional current provision account entries. Three regional provision detail accounts (*) are included as part of the sample tax application as examples.

Sample list of Regional Current Provision accounts

You should replace these accounts with your specific regional provision accounts. You can add regional provision account entries to the account structure.

Regional Current Tax Expense Accounts hierarchy