Deferred Tax Regional

The Deferred Tax Regional (RDefTaxTotal) account hierarchy structure contains all tax accounts required to calculate total deferred tax for regional provision. Similar to the account hierarchy structure for Regional Current Provision (RCurrentTaxExpense), most accounts are system-defined and you should not modify or remove them. However, you can replace detailed accounts indicated with an asterisk (*) in the structure below with your application account details. You can include additional account entries in the corresponding parent account. These are all Input account entries. Accounts with a plus sign (+) have the same account structure as described in the regional current provision hierarchy.

For example, the parent account RTaxAttribTotal (Total Regional Tax Attributes) consists of individual tax attribute account entries for regional. Two tax attribute detail accounts (*) are included as part of the sample tax application as examples.

Sample Regional Tax Attributes accounts

Replace these accounts with your specific tax attribute detailed accounts. You can add tax attribute account entries to the account structure.

Regional Deferred Tax Accounts hierarchy