Other Tax Accounts Subgroup

Additional tax accounts are included in the Other Tax Accounts subgroup. This includes accounts for storing the calculated Valuation Allowance allocation percentage and amount, Statutory and Regional Effective Tax Rate (ETA) calculation, and Consolidated ETA rate information.

Some accounts included in this subgroup contain similar account hierarchy structure as in the Tax Accounts subgroup, with minor exceptions. For example, the account hierarchy NDefTaxnetVA (Total Deferred Tax National – No VA) has the account structure from NDefTaxTotal, with the exception of Valuation Allowance. Therefore, you can refer to the Tax Account section for the hierarchy detail.

Most tax accounts are system accounts used for calculation and you should not remove or change them. You can add provisioning accounts to the ETR hierarchies for your application.

List of accounts in Other Tax Accounts subgroup

The following section shows the Total Tax Provision hierarchies.

NTP and RTP Total hierarchies

Valuation Allowance Allocation Calculation

An alternate hierarchy and classification property are provided specifically for VA Allocation calculation purposes. To classify accounts for Valuation Allowance allocation purposes, define the accounts in the VAClassification hierarchy under the Tax Settings accounts subgroup. See VA Allocation Accounts, and Account User-Defined Properties.

To classify accounts for financial statement purposes, define the accounts in the BSClassification hierarchy under the TaxSettings accounts subgroup.