DataCategory Dimension

The DataCategory dimension is used to store different types of data. This data includes source data from either Trial balance or the Accounting Book System, or Pre Tax or Tax Effected data for Tax accounts.

For Deferred Tax account data, this is also used to classify data as either Current or NonCurrent Assets or Liabilities.


These are all system-defined members and you should not modify them or remove them from the hierarchy.

The DataCategory dimension is categorized into the following subgroups. Each subgroup represents different types of data. For example, the “Source” member specifies that the amount entered represents the original source data from either Trial Balance or Accounting Book.

The members indicated by bold and italic type are calculated by rules. Parent members are aggregated based on the aggregation weight set for the Node Attributes. The remaining members are for user input.

DataCategory Accounts hierarchy

All amounts are entered in the DC#PreTax_Input member. If the amount entered is a PreTax amount, then the system applies the correct tax rate to the pretax amount to calculate the tax amount. If the amount entered is already a Tax-effected amount, the system applies the rate of 1 to the amount entered and stores the Tax amount.