Jurisdiction Dimension

The Jurisdiction Dimension defines the principle place of business for each legal entity. This dimension is for defining the Nations and Regions that are applicable for tax provision. If there is no separate tax for the Nation and its regions, it is not necessary to set up the individual regions for each nation.

Each legal entity will have only one domicile/national jurisdiction. However, multiple regions (for example, USStates, CA Provinces) may apply to one legal entity. When viewing data at the Consolidated parent level, you can view the data consolidated from various jurisdictions—Nations or Regions.

The sample tax application is set up to have the applicable National Jurisdiction and Regional Jurisdiction members for US and CA. You should remove any National or Regional jurisdictions that are not applicable for the application.

Sample list of Jurisdiction accounts

You can customize the Jurisdiction dimension. Use the following guidelines for including additional Jurisdiction members:

  1. Remove National Jurisdiction members that are not applicable for the application.

  2. To include more regional jurisdictions, add regional Jurisdiction members as children of AllRegional.

  3. If you want to add additional National jurisdiction members after removal, Oracle recommends that you include the National Jurisdiction members using a two-letter ISO code. Examples of the National Jurisdiction members provided in the sample application:

    • CA – Canada

    • CH – Switzerland

    • DE – Germany

    • FR – France

    • UK – United Kingdom

    • US – United States

If the National Jurisdiction supports regions, then you must create the Parent Member of the corresponding Regional Jurisdiction, using the National Jurisdiction member name followed by a suffix of _Regions.

For example, in the above Jurisdiction hierarchy, US regions are created under the “US_Regions” parent member. CA regions are created under the “CA_Regions” parent member. Each US state is added under the “US_Regions” TopMember. Each state has the prefix “US_”, followed by the official state code (for example, US_CT, US_CA). In addition, you should add a “Blended” region in the format of <National code>_Blended. For example, US_Regions contains a child called “US_Blended”. If you remove a Nation code from the Jurisdiction hierarchy, you must also remove the corresponding Region codes.