Viewing Jurisdiction Properties

The Application administrator must define the Jurisdiction properties in metadata as described in the previous section using the UD keywords. Users can view the properties information in the Jurisdiction Properties screen.

Sample Jurisdiction Properties screen

To view the Jurisdiction Properties, from the Tax Provision menu, select Settings, and then select Jurisdiction Properties, or select it from the Application Tasks list.

The Jurisdiction Properties screen automatically displays all Jurisdiction members in the AllRegional hierarchies.

For each Jurisdiction member in the row, the system displays all applicable properties defined in metadata. You can choose to display the Jurisdiction Description (default), or Jurisdiction Label, or both.

You can also rearrange the columns or suppress any columns.

The default value for each property is displayed if the UD keyword entry is not set in metadata.

This screen is view-only. You must make changes in the metadata file and reload the file into the application. You must recalculate data if there are property changes.