Translation Rules

FX Differences

When an account is detailed by movements, FX differences are calculated in Sub Translate rules, using the direct mode.

Opening is translated at Opening Rate; all other flows are translated at Average Rate. The FX Difference is calculated as the sum of:

  • FX difference on Opening = Opening * (Closing Rate – Opening Rate)

  • FX difference on movements = (Closing - Opening) * (Closing Rate – Average Rate)

NIBT Override Translation

For all the base members of the NIBTAdjusted hierarchy, the system checks for the override translation rate account and the NIBT adjustment account by looking at the TrOvRate and TrOvDiffAcc user-defined properties. Using the rate account that was set for the TrOvRate property, it retrieves and applies the rate. It uses the account set for the TrOvDiffAcc property to store the difference between the Override rate and Average rate.

CTA changes for NIBT accounts calculated with Average rate and Override rate are stored in the Perm Diff account. Changes are calculated for PreTax/Tax amounts.