Returns keyword-based entry from UD field. To return a single entry with no keyword, use “” as the keyword, however, only the first entry is returned. To check all three UD fields, and XBRL tags for Account, use the UDField entry of ALL.


DimensionDimension name
MemberMember name for which UD property is requested
UDFieldUD field, either UD1, UD2, UD3, or ALL. You can specify ALL to check the UD property in all the UD fields.
KeywordUD Keyword
ValidateMemberIf True, system checks whether the member exists
IsErrorITs return variable, which stores the error message if any errors occur.
WhereFromMethod name from which the GetUDEntry request is made. Used for logging purposes.

Return Value

The value set for the UD keyword.


Sales UD1: Region:US

To retrieve the Regional property value for the Sales account, use the following syntax:

UDData=GetUDEntry("Account", "Sales", "ALL", "Region", True, IsError, "Calculate_Sub")
If Not IsError then
End If