Custom Links

The Tax Provision application provides custom links to these customized screens. The custom linked screens provide reporting of select user-defined settings for members of various dimensions. These custom link XML files are included as part of the sample tax application installation process.

To access the custom screens, use one of these methods:

  • From the Tax Provision menu, select Settings, and then select a custom screen.

  • From the Application Tasks list, expand Tax Provision, and then select a custom screen.

Table 9. Custom Screens


Custom Properties

View the Custom dimension properties.

Entity Properties

View the Entity properties.

Jurisdiction Properties

View the Jurisdiction properties.

Metadata Validations

Run the Metadata Validation process for the application.

NOL Automation

Define rules to automatically defer, utilize, or expire tax losses.

Opening Balances by Scenario

Select source Scenario members from which to copy opening balances.

Perm Account Properties

View the Permanent Difference Account properties.

RTA Automation

Define rules to copy Return to Accrual adjustments from one Scenario member to another member, for one or more ReportingStandards.

TAR Automation

Add columns to the TAR and map data to the columns

Tax Administration

Perform tax administrative tasks, including rollover tasks

Tax Automation

Define the Tax Automation calculations for the Tax accounts.

Temp Account Properties

View the Temporary Difference Account properties.