Forms with OnDemand Rules

Several data forms contain OnDemand rules for you to execute at any time. Some OnDemand rules are also invoked as part of the Calculate process.

  To execute OnDemand rules:

  1. Select a rule.

  2. Select the Execute icon from the toolbar, or right-click on any cell and then select the Execute option from the popup.

You calculate data using the Calculate and Force Calculate options.

The Calculate option is available for an entity only if the current period data for that entity has changed since the last time that you ran calculations.

The Force Calculation option is used to calculate data for a period even though data has not changed for the period, for example, where a cell uses a formula that calculates the current period value based on the previous period value. If the value for the previous period changes, you use Force Calculate to recalculate the current period value.

After OnDemand rules are executed, the calculation status of the data unit is changed and impacted. The status does not change to OK until the Sub Calculate process is run.

You can disable the Execute capability by removing the OnDemand rules specification in the Form Designer. The Calculate or Force Calculate options are always enabled.