Available Data Forms

The Standard Tax Package includes the following data forms, grouped into folders. For detailed descriptions, see Data Form Names and Descriptions.

Table 10. Data Forms

Data FormDescription
Folder - Current Provision 
Current Provision RegionalCurrent Provision Regional
Current ProvisionCurrent Provision
Inactive RegionalInactive Regional
Interim Tax ProvisionInterim Tax Provision
Tax Automation Trace RegionalTax Automation Trace Regional
Tax Automation TraceTax Automation Trace
Tax Credits - By Year of ExpirationTax Credits - By Year of Expiration
Tax Credits Regional - By Year of ExpirationTax Credits Regional - By Year of Expiration
Tax Credits Regional Tax Credits Regional
Tax CreditsTax Credits
Tax Losses - By Year of ExpirationTax Losses - By Year of Expiration
Tax Losses Regional - By Year of ExpirationTax Losses Regional - By Year of Expiration
Tax Losses RegionalTax Losses Regional
Tax LossesTax Losses
Folder - Deferred Tax Provision 
Deferred Tax - DetailsDeferred Tax - Details
Deferred Tax - Pretax and TaxDeferred Tax - Pretax and Tax
Deferred Tax Class - VADeferred Tax Class - VA
Deferred Tax InputDeferred Tax Input
Deferred Tax Regional - DetailsDeferred Tax Regional - Details
Deferred Tax RegionalDeferred Tax Regional
Deferred TaxDeferred Tax
Temporary Differences RegionalTemporary Differences Regional
Temporary DifferencesTemporary Differences
VA Allocation - VAVA Allocation - VA
VA AllocationVA Allocation
Folder - ETR 
Consolidated ETRConsolidated ETR
Statutory ETR RegionalStatutory ETR Regional
Statutory ETRStatutory ETR
Total Tax Provision RegionalTotal Tax Provision Regional
Total Tax ProvisionTotal Tax Provision
Folder - IFRS 
Consolidated ETR - IFRSConsolidated ETR - IFRS
Consolidated ETR Tax Rate - IFRSConsolidated ETR Tax Rate - IFRS
Deferred Tax - IFRS- DetailsDeferred Tax - IFRS- Details
Deferred Tax - IFRSDeferred Tax - IFRS
Deferred Tax for TAR - IFRS - DetailsDeferred Tax for TAR - IFRS - Details
Deferred Tax for TAR - IFRSDeferred Tax for TAR - IFRS
Deferred Tax for TAR Reclass - IFRSDeferred Tax for TAR Reclass - IFRS
Deferred Tax Not RecognizedDeferred Tax Not Recognized
Deferred Tax Proof RegionalDeferred Tax Proof Regional
Deferred Tax ProofDeferred Tax Proof
Sch - Book v Tax Analysis - DTP - RegionalSch - Book v Tax Analysis - DTP - Regional
Sch - Book v Tax Analysis - DTPSch - Book v Tax Analysis - DTP
Sch - Book v Tax Analysis 1Sch - Book v Tax Analysis 1
Sch - Book v Tax Analysis 2Sch - Book v Tax Analysis 2
Sch - Book v Tax Analysis 3 with IRESch - Book v Tax Analysis 3 with IRE
Sch - Book v Tax Analysis 4Sch - Book v Tax Analysis 4
Sch - Tax in Equity & ReservesSch - Tax in Equity & Reserves
Sch - Tax Risk ProvisionSch - Tax Risk Provision
TAR - Provision & Non Provision - IFRSTAR - Provision & Non Provision - IFRS
TAR - SummaryTAR - Summary
Tax Rates - IFRSTax Rates - IFRS
Temp Diff – BalSheet App – RegionalTemp Diff – BalSheet App – Regional
Temp Diff – BalSheetAppTemp Diff – BalSheetApp
Folder - Rates 
Consolidated ETR Tax RateConsolidated ETR Tax Rate
Exchange Rates - EntityExchange Rates - Entity
Exchange RatesExchange Rates
NIBT Override RatesNIBT Override Rates
Override Tax Rates RegionalOverride Tax Rates Regional
Override Tax RatesOverride Tax Rates
Tax RatesTax Rates
Folder - Supplemental Schedules 
Acquisitions RegionalAcquisitions Regional
Copy Return to AccrualCopy Return to Accrual
Country by Country ReportCountry by Country Report
Opening Balances by ScenarioOpening Balances by Scenario
Return to Accrual RegionalReturn to Accrual Regional
Return to AccrualReturn to Accrual
Sch - Balance Sheet AdjustmentsSch - Balance Sheet Adjustments
Sch - Fines & PenaltiesSch - Fines and Penalties
Tax Basis Balance SheetTax Basis Balance Sheet
Folder - Tax Account RollForward 
Current Tax Payable - RegionalCurrent Tax Payable - Regional
Current Tax PayableCurrent Tax Payable
Deferred Tax for TAR - DetailsDeferred Tax for TAR - Details
Deferred Tax for TAR Reclass RegionalDeferred Tax for TAR Reclass Regional
Deferred Tax for TAR ReclassDeferred Tax for TAR Reclass
Deferred Tax For TAR Regional - DetailsDeferred Tax For TAR Regional - Details
Deferred Tax for TAR RegionalDeferred Tax for TAR Regional
Deferred Tax for TARDeferred Tax for TAR
TAR - SummaryTAR - Summary
TARTax Account RollForward
Folder - Custom TAR 
TAR CombinedTAR Combined
TAR NationalTAR National
TAR RegionalTAR Regional
Folder - Tax Account RollForward Linked Forms 
TAR - Additional ProvisionTAR - Additional Provision
TAR - AdjustmentsTAR - Adjustments
TAR - Payments & Refunds - Regional DetailTAR - Payments & Refunds - Regional Detail
TAR - Payments & Refunds - RegionalTAR - Payments & Refunds - Regional
TAR - Payments & RefundsTAR - Payments & Refunds
TAR - Provision & NonProvisionTAR - Provision & NonProvision
TAR - Reclass - Regional DetailTAR - Reclass - Regional Detail
TAR - Reclass - RegionalTAR - Reclass - Regional