Mapping Data in Tax Account Rollforward Data Forms

After you have added new DataCategory columns in a Tax Account Rollforward data form, you can use the TAR Automation screen to map data directly to the new columns.


For information on adding columns to a Tax Account Rollforward form, see Modifying the Tax Account Rollforward Data Form.

You can also copy TAR Automation rules from the prior period to the current period. This overwrites all the values for the current period.

TAR Automation Screen

  To map data to new columns in a TAR form:

  1. Add the appropriate metadata, including the new DataCategory member for the columns.

  2. From the Tax Provision menu, select Settings, and then select TAR Automation, or select it from the Application Tasks list.

  3. From the drop-down, select the newly created DataCategory member for the configuration.

  4. Define the mappings for the Source Accounts - National and Regional, Source DataCategory, Source Rollforward and the Switch Sign from which to copy data.

  5. Optional: To copy the TAR Automation rules from a prior period to the current period, click Copy TAR Automation rules from prior period, and from the Copy Confirmation message, click Yes.

  6. Click Submit to save the changes.

  7. Click Calculate.

    The data for the new member displays in a separate column.