Process Management

Process management is the management of the review and approval process of financial data. You can use process management to submit tax provisions and have them approved efficiently, and to transfer ownership of data. In a centralized environment, you can also use process management to provide review control and to ensure data privacy.

For the purpose of review, data is organized into process units. A process unit is the combination of data for a specific Scenario, Year, Period, Entity, and Value dimension. For example, a process unit could be a combination of data for Actual, 2014, January, WestSales, and USD.

In Tax Provision applications, you can set up process management hierarchies and submit, promote, approve, reject, and publish process units.

For information on setting up process management, see the Managing Process Management Submission Phases section in the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Administrator's Guide.

For information on submitting, promoting, approving, rejecting, and publishing process units, see the Using Process Management section in the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management User's Guide.