Sample Tax Data Files

Sample data files are provided as part of the sample tax applications as examples. This includes sample Trial Balance data, rate information, data for Temporary and Permanent Difference accounts, data for Other Tax accounts, and Tax Automation. The IFRS folder contains sample data files for IFRS applications.

The following sample data files can be loaded to the legal entities defined in the sample tax application. These files provide a template of the data-point dimension member definitions.

File NameComments
TaxProv_2011TaxData.dat2011 Tax account data used as Opening Balances for 2012 provisioning
TaxProv_2011TrialBalanceBookData.dat2011 Trial Balance data and Book data used as Opening Balances for 2012
TaxProv_2012BookAccountTaxData.dat2012 Tax data for Book accounts used for Trial Balance BS analysis
TaxProv_2012BookData.dat2012 Book data
TaxProv_2012TaxAccountTaxData.dat2012 Tax data for Tax accounts used for Trial Balance BS analysis
TaxProv_2012TrialBalance.dat2012 Trial Balance data
TaxProv_AcqInput.datAcquisition Input data for 2012
TaxProv_Automation.datTax Automation data for 2012
TaxProv_CurrProvAdjs.datTax data for Current Provisioning for 2012
TaxProv_ExchangeRates.datExchange Rate data for 2012
TaxProv_Inter.datInterim Tax Provision data for 2012
TaxProv_Rates.datTax Rate data for 2012
TaxProv_RTA.datReturn to Accrual data for 2012
TaxProv_SupplSch.datFines and Penalties data to be used for Supplemental Schedule for 2012
TaxProv_TARFAutomation.datTax Account Rollforward custom mappings data


To support the Regional RTA feature, the TaxType Custom TopMember and Jurisdiction Custom TopMember have been assigned for RTAPeriodCopy and RTAYearCopy account members. If you are migrating from Tax Provision Release, you must modify the data load file to these accounts by specifying TaxType and Jurisdiction members.