Disabling Financial Management Modules

For Tax Provision applications, you do not need the Financial Management Journals, Intercompany Transactions and Equity Pickup modules. When you create an application using the provided Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Lifecycle Management LCM Package, these modules are disabled by default.

If you do not create an application using the LCM Package, the modules are not disabled by default. You can disable the modules by manually loading the Module Configuration file. The file is named TaxProv_Moduleconfig.xml and is located under Application Files in the Metadata folder.

You can also disable modules by modifying the application.

  To disable modules for an application:

  1. Open an application.

  2. Select Tax Provision, then Maintenance, and then Module Configuration, or from the Application Tasks pane, expand Maintenance, and select Module Configuration.

  3. From the Module Configuration page, in the Disabled Modules list, select the modules that you want to disable:

    • Journals

    • Intercompany Transactions

    • Equity Pickup

    • Manage Ownership

    • Process Control

    • Data Management

    • Audit Tasks

  4. Click Save, or select Actions, and then Save.

  5. To view the changes, close and then reopen the application.