Managing Accounts

During the initial implementation of the Tax Provision application, you must update the Account dimension to include the Tax account details. In addition, at the beginning of each provisioning period, you may need to add new account details. You can maintain accounts using one of these methods:

  • Metadata Manager—Create additional accounts or update existing accounts using the Win32 tool for Classic applications. For details on Metadata Manager, see the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Administrator's Guide.

  • Performance Management Architect Dimension Library—Create additional accounts or update existing accounts for the Performance Management Architect application. For details on the Dimension Library, see the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect Administrator's Guide.

  • Load Application Elements—Create an external APP or XML metadata file with the account information using a text editor, Microsoft Excel, or an XML editor. For file format and syntax information, see the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Administrator’s Guide.

Summary of Tax Account Detail to be Customized

As explained in the previous Metadata section of this document, you should include additional detailed accounts where applicable. Below is a summary listing for additional detailed Tax accounts to be added under the following parent members:

  • NIBTBA—Book Adjustments to Net Income Before Tax

  • NIBTBR—Net Total Book Reclass

  • PermSTTotal—Permanent Differences (Stat to Tax)

  • PermGSTotal—Permanent Differences (GAAP to Stat)

  • TempSTTotal—Temporary Differences (Stat to Tax)

  • TempGSTotal—Temporary Differences (GAAP to Stat)

  • TotalTaxCredits—Total Tax Credits

  • TaxAttribTotal—Total Tax Attributes

  • CurrentAddtlSrcTotal—Additional Current Provision—Source

  • CurrentAddtlManualTotal—Additional Current Provision—Manual

  • CurrentAddtlCalcTotal—Additional Current Provision—Calculated

  • AddtlCalcAuditTotal—Audit Settlement Adjustment

  • RPermTotal—Regional Permanent Differences

  • RTempTotal—Regional Permanent Differences

  • RCurrentAddtlSrcTotal—Additional Current Provision—Source

  • RCurrentAddtlManualTotal—Additional Current Provision—Manual

  • RCurrentAddtlCalcTotal—Additional Current Provision—Calculated

  • RTaxCredits—Regional Tax Credits

  • RTaxAttribTotal—Regional Tax Attributes

  • RAddtlCalcAuditTotal—Regional Audit Settlement Adjustment