Overriding Translation Rates

You can override the translation rate using these user-defined properties for NIBT accounts:

UD PropertyTrOvRate
Valid ValuesAccount member of Rate type
DescriptionUsed to translate account values at a different rate than the Average rate.
ValidityNIBT accounts
UD PropertyTrOvDiffAcc
Valid ValuesAny permanent difference account (account should be calculated)
DescriptionAccount stores the difference between the System Average and Override rate
ValidityNIBT account for which TrOvRate is also defined


NIBT account UD1: TrOvRate: NIBTOverrideRate

UD2: TrOvDiffAcc: FXAdjPerm

UD PropertyCalcNIBTFX
Valid ValuesYes or No
DescriptionAllows the NIBT override translation rate data entry for the specified parent entity
ValidityParent Entity

In addition, you can use the NIBT Translation Override Rates data entry form to enter rate data for each entity on an override basis. See Data Form Names and Descriptions.