Populating Opening Balances Between Scenarios

To populate the opening balances for the Current scenario, you can specify the Scenario member from which the closing balances should be copied. For example, you could copy the closing balances from the Actual scenario to the opening balances of the Forecast scenario.

These user-defined properties enable you to specify the source for each Scenario member:

UD PropertySrcSc
Values<Scenario member> (for example, Actual)
DescriptionSource Scenario member
ExampleForecast: UD1=SrcSc:Actual
UD PropertySrcYr
Values<Source Year member> (for example, 1)
DescriptionSource Year member. The value for this property indicates the Current year minus the value. For example, Value 1 indicates Current Year (2014) - 1 = 2013.
ExampleForecast: UD1=SrcYr:1
UD PropertySrcP
Values<Source Period member> (for example, P12)
DescriptionSource Period member
ExampleForecast: UD1=SrcP:P12

You can set all three UD properties together, for example: SrcSc:Actual^SrcYr:1^SrcP:P12

You can also use the Opening Balances by Scenario Screen to specify source Scenario members.

  To specify source Scenario members:

  1. Open the Opening Balances by Scenario screen.

    All Destination Scenario members are displayed as row headers.

  2. From the source member columns, use the drop-down lists to select Source Scenario members.

These conditions are applied while copying the opening balances:

  • If there is no source Scenario specified using the Opening Balances by Scenario screen, then the Scenario member specified in the UD property is considered; if there is no member specified in the UD property either, then the current Scenario member is used.

  • If no source Year is specified, the prior Year is used.

  • If no source Period is specified, the last Period (P12) value is used.

  • Appropriate future Scenario periods are impacted when calculating the current period.