Managing User-Defined Properties

User-defined properties are used in the Tax Provision application to enable you to customize the dimension members with special properties. The properties information is used in rules for tax calculation purposes. See the individual UD keyword explanation in each Dimension section.

In the Sample Metadata file, user-defined keywords are provided as examples. You can specify keywords in any of the three UD fields. The GetUDEntry function is used with rules for retrieving a keyword entry.

Member Lists and Rules files use a GetUDEntry function that allows each UD field to contain more than one reference.


This function was written for specific applications and is not a generic Financial Management function.

For example, a UD property might contain the following string:


This user-defined entry consists of three elements, separated by a “^” symbol. In each element, there is an identifying keyword followed by the entry. In the example shown above, there are three entries:

Keyword:	Keyword1	Entry:	Entry1
Keyword:	Keyword2	Entry:	Entry2
Keyword:	Keyword3	Entry:	Entry3

The GetUDEntry function can be used to access entries in a specific UD field (UD1, UD2, UD3), or in any UD field (ALL).

In the Sample application, the keyword is defined in a specific UD field for consistency purposes. However, because the system uses the GetUDEntry Function in rules to retrieve the applicable keyword entry in all of the UD fields, you can specify the keyword entry in any of the UD fields.