Running Tax Automation with Elimination Calculations

In Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, intercompany transactions are eliminated in the Intercompany Partner (ICP) dimension. The [Elimination] Value dimension member stores elimination detail, which contains any eliminating balances that result during the consolidation process. If your source book data contains eliminations, you can set up the Tax Automation process to include elimination calculations.

To run Tax Automation for Elimination calculations:

  • In the Source ICP column, select [ICP Top] as the source for an account to calculate data from the ICP TopMember. See Tax Automation Columns.

  • Modify the Tax Provision rule file to run for the [Elimination] value. Use the Constant flag to run Tax Automation for the Value dimension:


    When this constant is set to True, Tax Automation rules will execute Elimination calculations. By default, the constant is set to False.