Tax Automation Cell Text

The Tax Automation definition is stored in the Tax Automation cell text label of each Target account in Entity [None].

It uses the following syntax:

  • Colon (:) separator - used to separate the KEYWORD from the VALUE.

  • Caret (^) separator - used to identify and separate the different KEYWORD/VALUE pairs.

  • Semicolon (;) separator - used to identify multiple values for the same KEYWORD.

  • At (@) symbol - used to identify additional logic to use for the same destination account.

Because the Tax Automation definition is stored as cell text, you can also load and extract the Tax Automation definition to an external data file. Trace cell text information is cleared when Calculate, Force Calculate, or Tax Automation are run.

The following section is a sample of a Tax Automation definition using cell text:

Cell Text Example

!ICP=[ICP None]