NOL Automation Cell Text

The NOL Automation rule definition is stored in the NOL/Credit Automation cell text label at the following POV:

  • Destination Scenario

  • Destination Year

  • Destination Period

  • A- Target Credit accounts (base descendants of TaxLossesCFSTotal and TaxCreditTotal)

  • Entity - [None]

  • Value - [None]

  • ICP - [None]

  • JD - SystemMembers

  • DC - SystemMembers

  • TT - SystemMembers

  • RF - SystemMembers

  • RS - SystemMembers


  • Colon (:) separator - used to separate the KEYWORD from the VALUE.

  • Caret (^) separator - used to identify and separate the different KEYWORD/VALUE pairs.

  • Semicolon (;) separator - used to identify multiple values for the same KEYWORD.

  • At (@) symbol - used to identify additional logic to use for the same destination account.


The following keywords can be used in cell text:

  • Entity - used to restrict the rule to a particular entity or list of entities. If blank, the rule is applied to all the entities. Use a semicolon to separate multiple entities. Parent entities are supported when the TaxCalc property is set to Yes for the parent entity.

  • ExcEntity - used to exclude entities. If blank, no entities are excluded.

  • DACC - used to define the detail account. You can specify only one detail account.

  • DPER- used to define the percent amount; valid percent amounts are from 0 to 100.

  • SEQ - Sequence. required for Utilization, to specify the order in which utilization of taxable income should be distributed.

  • PER - percentage of the total loss available to be utilized. Not applicable for Expiration.

  • DAMT - Absolute amount of the total loss available to be utilized. Not applicable for Expiration.

  • UTIL - set to Yes for Utilization, for example: UTIL:YES

  • DIS - set to Yes to disable the rule, for example: DIS:YES


  • DeferralNOLAutomation

  • ExpireNOLAutomation

  • UtilizeNOLAutomation







TaxLosses0001CFS 	ENTITY:LE105^EXCENTITY:^DACC:TaxLoss00001
TaxLosses0002CFS 	ENTITY:LE105^EXCENTITY:^DACC:TaxLoss00002

Constants Used in NOL/Credits Automation (Modify these constants when required)

'This should match  the last year of expiration years defined under ExpirationYears hierarchy (DataCategory Dimension)
Const     MAX_NOL_YEAR     = 2070
‘We have to run the number of iterations in order to completely utilize the Taxable amount, default it is set to 20.
‘Need to increase the value only if the Taxable income does not completely utilize even though we have the available amount under detail account
Const     MAX_NOL_LOOP      = 20
Note: Lines in rules file starting from 51 to 54


The cell text rules must be copied period to period. You can use the Tax Administration Custom screen.