Viewing Tax Administration Properties

You can manage the rollover process using the Tax Administration Screen, which provides a central place to run the OnDemand rules for the rollover tasks and tax automation. The process for running the rules is the same as it is when you run them from data forms, however the Tax Administration screen enables you to run all the rules from a central place.

Tax Administration Custom Screen

You use The Tax Administration screen to perform these tasks:

To view the Tax Administration Properties, from the Tax Provision menu, select Settings, and then select Tax Administration, or select it from the Application Tasks list.

The list of tasks in the Tax Administration screen is preset; you cannot add any rows or columns.

You can run a rule for all entities in the system, or you can select entities for which you want to run the rule.

After you run a rule in the Tax Administration screen, the system displays the status, and the date and time that it was run. If you want to save this information, you can export the table to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

  To run Tax Administration rules:

  1. Open the Tax Administration Screen.

  2. From the POV bar, select the Scenario, Year, and Period for which to run rules. The Scenario, Year, and Period are common to all rules.

  3. Select a rule, and then select an option:

    • To run the rule for all entities in the system, click Run for all entities.

    • To select specific entities, click Run for selected entities, then from the Member Selector, select the entities that you want to run.

  4. Optional: To save the rule date and time information, select a row, and click Export to Excel, or select Actions, and then Export to Excel, and then save the file.