Period-to-Period Rollover Process

During the period-to-period rollover process, the following tasks should be performed:

  1. Use the Load Data task to load either Book data and/or Trial Balance data to the new period.

  2. Run the OnDemand_CopyTaxRules rule to copy Tax Automation rules from the prior period to the current period.

    Tax Automation data is stored in Entity [None] and in the Tax Automation cell text label for all the Tax accounts defined with an automation rule.

  3. Use the Database Management Copy feature to copy Tax Account data from one period to another. See Copying Tax Account Data.

    Include these accounts:

    • All base accounts of A#TaxAccounts subgroup

    • All base accounts of A#OtherTaxAccounts subgroup

    • All base accounts of A#SupplementalSchAccounts subgroup

You do not need to copy Tax Rates data from one period to another period in the same year because all Tax Rates accounts have the BalanceRecurring account type. For details on account types, see the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Administrator's Guide.