Copying Periodic Data

You enter or upload most of the data in an application on a YTD basis. You enter data on a Periodic basis for Payments and Refunds in the TAR, and for Acquisition details.

For example, after you enter Payments in the current period (P1), the Total Payments and Refunds for that period accurately reflect the total periodic payments. However, after that period changes to a subsequent period (P2), the periodic data (Payments) is reversed. The new total for the periodic data is zero.

The total periodic payments must be copied to the YTD cell before the next period, so that payments entered on a periodic basis will continue to impact the YTD value. When you run the OnDemand_CopyPeriodicData rule, the system copies the periodic data from the selected period to the YTD cell, and then sets the selected period data to zero. After the rule is run and the YTD value is updated, you can then enter the current period's Payments and Refunds.

The same requirement applies for Acquisition data entered in both National and Regional data forms.

The OnDemand_CopyPeriodicData rule is run on these accounts:

  • TARF Payments and Refunds

  • Acquisitions (pretax_input, tax_input)

  • Rate changes account (RCAcqNP)

You specify the entity or entities for which this rule should be run. An administrator with access to the entire entity hierarchy can run the rule for all entities.