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1 About Profitability and Cost Management

2 Getting Started

3 About Standard Profitability Models and Scenarios

4 Dimensions in Standard Profitability Applications

5 Managing Standard Profitability Models

6 Managing Standard Profitability Allocations

7 Validating Standard Profitability Models

8 Calculating Standard Profitability Models

9 Monitoring Standard Profitability Job Status

10 Running Standard Profitability Reports

11 Managing Smart View Queries in Standard Profitability

12 About Detailed Profitability and Cost Management Models and Scenarios

13 Dimensions in Detailed Profitability and Cost Management Applications

14 Managing Detailed Profitability Models

15 Managing Detailed Profitability Allocations

16 Calculating Detailed Profitability Models

17 Validating Detailed Profitability Models

18 Creating Detailed Profitability Reports

19 Monitoring Detailed Profitability Job Status

20 About Management Ledger Models and Scenarios

21 Dimensions in Management Ledger Profitability Applications

22 Managing Management Ledger Models

23 Working with Management Ledger Allocations

24 Validating Management Ledger Models

25 Managing and Calculating Management Ledger Models

26 Monitoring Management Ledger Job Status

27 Working with Management Ledger Queries and Reports

A Creating Profitability and Cost Management Applications

B Comparison between Standard and Detailed Profitability Applications