Customizing Book Output

When outputting a book to a static HTML web site, you can customize the output layout by modifying content, changing formats, and adding images. After you make changes, you can run the book to reflect the new layout.

The files for customizing a book are located in the ...statiticbook\lib directory and can be changed using the SchedulerTemplateLocation property.

The files you can modify are located in the following folders in the lib directory:

  • css—Sets the layout and look and feel for the following areas:
    • template.css—Default template in the book layout used to generate HTML output
    • template2.css—Reserved template that can be used to replace template.css
    • template3.css—Reserved template that can be used to replace template.css
    • highlight.css—Defines the appearance of highlighted search results
    • print.css—Defines the content and format of printed output
    • psbtreeview.css—Defines the textual appearance in the table of contents
  • html—Changes the content of the book layout.
  • img—Adds or replaces .png images for the book layout.

    Change the banner.png in this folder to reflect your company's image.

Do not modify the following folders:

  • jquery—Contains the library for the table of contents and other JavaScript tasks
  • js—Contains internal JavaScript files