Editing the Template Files for Books

You are provided with three basic template files for HTML book layout: template.css, template2.css, and template3.css. The template files contains default formats that can be changed to your company's requirements.

The template.css file is the default file used in the generated HTML output. To use template2.css or template3.css, you must rename the file to template.css. For example, to use template2.css as the default, first disable the original template.css file by renaming it, for example, to template4. Then rename template2.css to template.css.

The layout for template.css differs from template2.css and template3.css in that template.css has the table of contents on the left, and template2 and template3 may have the table of contents either on the left, on the right, or on both sides.

The template.css file provides format settings for the following areas:

  • Body Format—Settings for the background color and text alignment
  • Container Styles—Settings for the container area
  • Header Logo Styles—Settings for the header_log area
  • Header Menu Styles—Settings for the menu area. Change this area to your company’s logo.
  • Footer Styles—Settings for the Footer area
  • Column Layout—Settings for column borders
  • Left Column—Settings for the content_left area
  • Right Column—Settings for the content_right area
  • Center Column—Settings for the content_center area
  • Right Column Bread Crumbs—Settings for the content_center_breadcrombs area
  • Document Content—Settings for the content_center_container and content_center_single areas
  • FR Related to Switch Pages—Do not change