EPM Workspace Timeouts

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace manages a user's active session in these ways:

  • EPM Workspace sends keep alive requests to all application servers (including its own) used in the user's current session.

    The keep alive request maintains the session between the browser and the application server so that the application server does not invalidate the session. For example, once a Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting report is opened, EPM Workspace sends keep alive requests to the Financial Reporting server so that the user can open more Financial Reporting reports without having to reopen the session with the Financial Reporting application server.

    The interval for sending these requests is configured by the EPM Workspace Server Settings, KeepAliveInterval property. This property must be set to less then the timeout value for any application server used by EPM Workspace, if it is set to a higher value, the user may receive error messages due to application server timeouts.

  • EPM Workspace closes the session when the user has stopped using EPM Workspace but has not closed the browser.

    If there is no activity in EPM Workspace per the EPM Workspace Server Setting, SessionTimeout property, the user is warned that the session is about to end. If the user does not take action within five minutes, the user is logged out.

    Use the WebLogic Administration Console to edit the timeout setting for the EPM Workspace deployment.


All web applications session timeouts should be greater than 10 minutes.