Viewing Reports Associated With Annotations

You can view reports and their attachments that are associated with one or more annotations. An annotation summary row is displayed for each annotation in a report.

To view reports associated with annotations:

  1. In Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, select Navigate, then Administer, and then Annotations
  2. In Explore Annotation, search for annotations.
  3. Right-click an annotation, and then select Show Reports/Documents.

When viewing reports associated with annotations, keep in mind the following:

  • Annotation icons in the report indicate the location of the annotation references. An eye icon is displayed for annotations associated with read-only reports and documents.
  • If an error occurs when attempting to view a report, the data source for the report may have changed. You must match the data source for the annotations.
  • If the report name is changed in EPM Workspace using the Rename menu option, then any object-level annotations remain associated with the renamed report. However, if the name is changed using the Save As… option in Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Web Studio, then the duplicated report and any object-level annotations from the original report are not copied to the report with the new name.