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Siebel Customer Relationship Management Siebel Fundamentals for Siebel Open UI
Siebel Innovation Pack 2014
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About Fields

A field is a location in a record in which a particular type of data is stored. For example, a contact record might contain the following fields: last name, first name, address, and phone number. A field is characterized by its maximum length and the type of data (for example, numeric or alphabetic) it can contain.

Required Fields

In the Siebel application, required fields have a star icon next to the field name. You cannot save a record until you enter data in the required fields.

Read-Only Fields

If a field has a gray background, then the field is read-only, and you cannot change the field content.

Maximum Number of Characters

Many fields can hold only a specific number of characters. For alphabetic and alphanumeric fields, the allowed number of characters varies in the Siebel application. Numeric fields can hold up to a maximum of 22 characters.