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Siebel Customer Relationship Management Siebel Fundamentals for Siebel Open UI
Siebel Innovation Pack 2014
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Logging In to the Siebel Application

You access the Siebel Web Client application using a URL provided by your organization.

Figure 2-1 shows an example of the login screen.

Figure 2-1 Example of the Login Screen

Description of Figure 2-1 follows
Description of "Figure 2-1 Example of the Login Screen"

To log in to the Siebel application  

  1. Use your browser to navigate to the URL provided by your organization.

    A login screen appears.


    The language of the application screens is controlled by language codes. Language codes used by Siebel Business Applications use a three-letter code, such as ENU for U.S. English, FRA for French, THA for Thai, and so on. Your Siebel administrator provides the URL for the language you want. For more information about global deployments of Siebel Business Applications, see Siebel Global Deployment Guide.

  2. Enter your user ID and password.

    Contact your Siebel administrator if you are not sure of your user ID or password.

  3. (Optional) To save your user ID, select the Remember my User ID check box.

    For more information about the Remember my User ID option, see Siebel Security Guide.

  4. (Optional) Click the HTML5 Browser Compatibility link on the login screen to show your browser's compatibility with HTML5 features.

    HTML5 is a core technology markup language of the Internet and is used to structure and present content on the Web. If an HTML5 feature is not compatible with your browser, then you can click the question mark icon to review more information about that feature and about the limitations that you might experience in the Siebel CRM application because of this incompatibility.

  5. Click the Login button.

  6. If the Siebel Browser Check dialog box appears, then follow the on-screen instructions.


If the setting zone in your browser is set to medium or higher, then you might see a security warning window when you launch the Siebel application. To remove this window and make sure it does not appear again, check the Always trust content from Oracle check box.

About the Demo Application

If your organization sets up access to the Sample database, and you are running the Siebel Mobile Web Client, then you can familiarize yourself with the Siebel application through the demo version. The demo application automatically logs you in and connects you to the Sample database. You can add and delete information in the Sample database while becoming familiar with the Siebel application.

About the Home Page

After you log in to the Siebel application, your home page appears. Your home page shows items that are most useful to you while you use the Siebel application. For example, your home page can show service requests if you are a call center agent, opportunities if you are a salesperson, or a list of your daily activities. You might also want to see your daily calendar so you can manage your daily appointments.

The records that appear in the My lists on the home page are determined by default criteria that are set by your Siebel administrator. For more information about how the records in these lists are filtered, contact your Siebel administrator.

The information on your home page is determined by your organization. However, you can remove and rearrange the home page elements to better manage the information and determine what you see. For more information, see "Customizing Home Pages".