Introduction to Scaling and Performance

You can scale Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center to accommodate a variety of environments. However, the size and layout of your environment can effect the number of Enterprise Controllers and Proxy Controllers that you require. The scaling guidelines provided here are based on the use of an external repository and are minimum required parameters.

For sizing purposes, the following are defined as assets:

  • Servers, including the service processor and operating system

  • Switches

  • Storage devices

  • Non-global zones

  • Logical domains

  • Chassis

  • Oracle SPARC Enterprise M-Series chassis

  • Oracle SPARC Enterprise M-Series domains

  • Oracle Exadata Storage Server X2-2 cells

See Determine the Number of Asset Access Points for how to run a script on the Enterprise Controller to determine the number and type of assets on each Proxy Controller and the total number of assets on the Enterprise Controller.