Proxy Controller Considerations

Consider the following factors when selecting a platform and environment for the Proxy Controller:

  • Operating system: To provision and update Oracle Solaris 11 operating systems, the Enterprise Controller and Proxy Controller must be installed on at least Oracle Solaris 11.1 operating system.

  • Global or non-global zone: If the assets being managed are Oracle Solaris 11, you can configure the Proxy Controllers in a global or non-global zone. Otherwise, install the Proxy Controllers in global zones. A Proxy Controller includes the capability to perform OS provisioning, which is not supported by Oracle Solaris 10 non-global zones.

  • Network I/O: If the Proxy Controller is supporting Operating System provisioning then it is recommended that the Proxy Controller should be utilizing GigE network cards or higher.

Consider installing additional Proxy Controllers, beyond the minimum requirements, in environments with the following characteristics:

  • Remote datacenters: If some of your assets are in a remote location, installing a Proxy Controller in that location can reduce network latency and cache Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center content closer to the assets.

  • Deployment through firewalls: If you have firewalls between your Enterprise Controller and some managed assets, having a Proxy Controller near the assets can simplify deployment and management.

  • High Availability: Installing additional Proxy Controllers gives you the ability to migrate assets between Proxy Controllers for maintenance or if a Proxy Controller fails.

  • Virtualization: If you intend to manage virtualization technologies like Oracle VM Servers for SPARC, additional Proxy Controllers help handle the added asset and job load.

The software is supported on a wide variety of hardware, operating systems, and virtualization technologies. See the Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Certified Systems Matrix for a list of certified systems.

Each Proxy Controller can manage up to 500 assets. Installing additional Proxy Controllers beyond the requirements is beneficial in some environments.

A Proxy Controller system must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Oracle SPARC or x86 platform that is running a supported Oracle Solaris or Linux OS, such as Oracle Solaris 11

  • 1.5 GB of disk space

  • 6 GB Swap space

  • 8 GB Memory

  • 2 GB Java Heap size, defined by -Xmx in the java-flags

It is generally recommended that you use proxy fan out as it makes sense in the network to be deployed. For example, OS provisioning capabilities are often restricted to a network subnet.

Changing the resource configuration of the system will affect the numbers, as will more complex mixing of the services across the deployment.