A Installing the Java Version Manually

You can manually install the 32-bit rpm and 64-bit rpm java versions.

To manually install the java versions:

  1. Remove any existing installed java rpm versions by using the following command:
    rpm -e --allmatches jdk
  2. Install the 64-bit rpm version. For example:
    rpm -i --badreloc --force --relocate /usr/java/=/usr/java/x86_64 jdk-7uXX-linux-x64.rpm
  3. Install the 32-bit rpm version. For example:
    rpm -i --badreloc --force --relocate /usr/java/=/usr/java/i386 jdk-7uXX-linux-i586.rpm
  4. Ensure if the /usr/java/latest points to the right java version. For example:
    rm -f /usr/java/latest
    ln -s /usr/java/jdk1.7.0_XX /usr/java/latest