Viewing a Report Result

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides an interactive result viewer to view the results. The generated report results are displayed under the Report Results in the All Reports page.

You can select a report result from the Report Results pane to view the report interactively. You can rerun the report, delete the report, view, export, and save the output of report in the format of CSV and PDF.

To view the report result, do the following:

  1. Select Reports in the Navigation pane. The All Reports page in the center pane displays all the report templates and report results.
  2. Select a report result under the Report Result section in the center pane.
  3. Click the View Interactive icon to view the report result. The Interactive Result viewer opens the report result and displays the following information.
    • Report detail: This displays the name, type, run time, and the status of the report.

    • Report Result: This displays the targets on which the report is run and the corresponding operating system updates that are applicable.

    • Report Parameters: This displays the parameters that are used to generate the report.