A Logs and Directories

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center performs each action as a job. The details of a job show the order of tasks in the job and the managed assets that are targets of the job. You can view the details of a job from either the browser or the command-line interface. Each job is stored until it is deleted explicitly. See Viewing Jobs for instructions.

In addition to the job, log files record events of different types and for different purposes. Some log files are protected by file permissions and require a user with root access to view them. Some log files can be displayed in the product's browser interface, using the following procedure:

  1. Click the Enterprise Controller in the Administration section of the Navigation pane.

  2. Click the Logs tab in the center pane.

  3. Select a log from the drop-down list:

    • cacao log

    • UI log

    • Proxy log

    • Update error log

    • Update channel download log

    • Update channel error log

  4. (Optional) Click Refresh Log File to update the display.