Diagnosing Problems

The following log files contain detailed information about the same events as the audit log files except for login information. They include the interactions between components of the product software.

  • On Oracle Solaris: /var/cacao/instances/oem-ec/audits/

  • On Linux: /var/opt/sun/cacao/instances/oem-ec/audits/

The following log files are specialized for specific events:

  • Messages from operating system such as Info and Warning: /var/adm/messages*

  • Login and connection information: /var/opt/sun/xvm/logs/audit-logs*

  • Events in the user interface component: /var/opt/sun/xvm/logs/emoc.log

  • Events between controllers and agents:

    • On an Oracle Solaris Enterprise Controller: /var/cacao/instances/oem-ec/logs/cacao.n

    • On a Linux Enterprise Controller: /var/opt/sun/cacao/instances/oem-ec/logs/cacao.n

    • On each Oracle Solaris Proxy Controller: /var/cacao/instances/scn-proxy/logs/cacao.n

    • On each Linux Proxy Controller: /var/opt/sun/cacao/instances/scn-proxy/logs/cacao.n

    • On each Oracle Solaris agent: /var/cacao/instances/scn-agent/logs/cacao.n

    • On each Oracle Linux agent: /var/opt/sun/cacao/instances/scn-agent/logs/cacao.n