Monitoring Operating Systems

The software monitors the status of your operating systems right after asset discovery.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center uses the default rules and thresholds. Monitoring rules state the values and boundaries for an asset's activity. A monitoring policy is a set of rules. You can change the rules or thresholds to adjust the type and level of monitoring you want. Analytics provides details on operating system activity and utilization.

A monitoring policy defines alert configurations to be performed on one or more managed resources. A policy is for a specific type of resource, such as operating systems. A more specific policy might apply to all Oracle Solaris operating systems. Each monitoring policy contains several alert monitors for a specific type of resource. Alert monitors watch the state of managed resources and their attributes and raise an alert when the state is outside the pre-defined thresholds.

Applying a monitoring policy to all the assets enforces consistency. Each monitoring policy contain rules for threshold levels. Default policies for monitoring hardware, operating systems, and Oracle Solaris Clusters are included in the software. You can use the default policies, but you cannot edit them. To edit or add monitoring rules to a monitoring policy, you must make a copy. Modifying a monitoring rule for a specific asset creates a custom set of monitoring rules for the asset.

See Monitoring Rules and Policies for information about how to change the threshold limits and how to change the deactivate or activate the auto delete policy. See Resolve Incidents for details about how incidents are generated, severity badges, how to assign and close an incident.

Disable Operating System Monitoring

You can disable OS monitoring by disabling the report service thereby suppressing all OS related metrics and analytics.

Perform the following steps to disable OS monitoring:
  1. Edit the following resource controller file.
  2. Comment the lines starting from resource name="OperatingSystems" pattern="com.sun.hss.domain:type=OperatingSystem,*" > until /resource
  3. Restart the Enterprise Controller or stop and then restart the report service using the CLI command.