Overview of Virtual Datacenter Management

Describes the purpose of a virtual datacenter and the role of its users.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center supports cloud management functions through its vDC management system in three main areas:

  • vDC infrastructure administration: Area related to the management and allocation of physical resources for the vDC by a cloud administrator. The managed resources are the server pools, storage, and networks.

  • Cloud users management: Area related to the management of the cloud users, their linkage with the authentication systems, and their association with the vDC accounts that they are authorized to access by a cloud administrator.

  • vDC resource utilization: Area related to cloud user tasks to perform lifecycle management of vServers and resources in a vDC account. There might be more than one cloud user associated with an account with the same level of privileges and access control.

See Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Virtualize Reference for more information about vDC management.

The following list describes vDC management concepts used in this guide:

  • Virtual datacenter: Consolidation of virtualization servers, storage, and network resources to be used optimally and securely for mixed and dynamic workloads.

  • Account: An account entitles designated cloud users the right to use computing, network, and storage resources of vDC. The account provides the required capabilities to manage these resources. The amount of virtual CPU (vCPU), memory, and storage resources that can be used from the available vDC resources.

  • Cloud administrator: An Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center user with the cloud administrator role. A cloud administrator can create and manage the vDCs, accounts, and cloud users.

  • Cloud user: An Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center user with the cloud user role. Cloud users can have access to different accounts to manage the allocated resources. Cloud users can create virtual servers to host or access applications.