Sending a Web Service Request

Describes how a request to a Web service is constructed and sent.

Requests to the Web service are simple HTTP POST or GET operations. After a AKM or IAAS request is dynamically generated, static technology is used to send the request.

This section mentions the use of the Web browser and the WGET utility as the static technology to send requests to the Web service.

Using the Web Browser

Procedure to send a request to the Web browser.

To use the Web browser to send a request to the Web service, enter the complete request in the address bar of the browser.

The following URL is an example of a complete AKM request. The request should be entered in the address bar as a one-line command:

https://<username>:<password>@<EnterpriseControllerHostname>/akm/? Action= DescribeAccounts&Version=1&Timestamp=1330954619299&Expires=1330954919299

Using WGET Utility

Procedure to send a request using the WGET utility.

To use WGET utility, it is necessary to use the --no-check-certificate option.

The following is an example of sending a request using WGET with the same AKM request used previously:

wget https://<username>:<password>@<EnterpriseControllerHostname>/akm/?Action= DescribeAccounts&Version=1&Timestamp=1330954619299&Expires=1330954919299 --nocheck-certificate