About Oracle MySQL Cloud Service

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service provides you the ability to deploy MySQL Server in the Cloud, with each deployment containing a single MySQL Server. You have full access to the features and operations available with MySQL Server, with Oracle providing the computing power, physical storage and tooling to simplify maintenance and management operations.

When you create a deployment, MySQL Cloud Service creates compute nodes to host the MySQL Server, using computing and storage resources provided by Oracle Compute Cloud Service. Additionally, it provides access to the compute nodes (and thus to MySQL Server) using networking resources provided by Oracle Compute Cloud Service.

When you create a deployment, MySQL Server and supporting software is installed for you, a MySQL database is created and configured using values you provide when creating the deployment, and the MySQL Server is started. Additionally, you can direct MySQL Cloud Service to set up automatic backups. Finally, the deployment includes cloud tooling that simplifies backup, recovery, and patching operations. You have root privilege, so you can load and run software in the compute environment. You have full administrative privileges for the MySQL Server. You are responsible for making any changes to the automated maintenance setup, and you are responsible for recovery operations in the event of a failure.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor is also delivered as part of the service. This monitoring tool can be installed when the service is created, using the Create Service wizard, or from the command line on the compute node.


If you intend to install MySQL Enterprise Monitor, it is strongly recommended that you dedicate a single MySQL Cloud Service instance to this installation. It is also recommended that this MySQL Server deployed on that instance is not used for any other purpose than the MySQL Enterprise Monitor’s repository. A compute node shape of OC5 is the recommended minimum.

MySQL Server Feature Availability

All MySQL Enterprise Edition Server features are available in Oracle MySQL Cloud Service.


If MySQL Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is enabled on the MySQL instance, it is not currently possible to restore a backup of that instance.