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1 Introduction

2 Understanding the Development Client Installation

3 Installing the Application Server: Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.3 and 12.2.1

4 Installing WebSphere Express 8.5.5, WebSphere for Developers 8.5.5, or WebSphere 9.0

5 Installing the Oracle Local Database

6 Working with the Oracle Database Client

7 Installing the Development Client and Web Client Features (WLSH4A and WASH4A)

8 Working With SnapShot on the Development Client

9 Uninstalling the Development Client

10 Uninstalling the Oracle Local Database

11 Troubleshooting the Installation Process

12 Troubleshooting the Workstation

A Running OEE12Setup.exe from the Command Line

B Working with ReconfigureDB.exe

C Understanding Executable Files on the Development Client

D Using the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler

E Installing a Development Client from the Command Line

F Uninstalling a Development Client from the Command Line

G Manual Cleanup of an Uninstalled Development Client

H Manual Cleanup of an Uninstalled Oracle Database

I Installing Multiple Pathcodes

J Mixing Releases of EnterpriseOne Development Client and OEE