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1 Understanding JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

2 Before You Begin the Installation

3 Working with the Deployment Server

4 Working with the Platform Pack

5 Working with Installation Planner for an Install

6 Working With Installation Workbench

7 Working With the Enterprise Server

8 Installing the Development Clients for Developers and System Administrators

9 Performing Post Installation Tasks

10 Building and Testing Packages

11 Copying an Environment to Another Environment

12 Troubleshooting

13 Creating a Remote Installation Plan

14 Adding a Server to an Existing Configuration

15 Creating a Language-Only Installation Plan

16 Installing Languages Using Change Assistant on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

17 Understanding Data Source Charts

18 Major Technical Tables

19 Working with Reports

20 Uninstalling the Software

A Understanding SQL Server Databases

B Concurrent Installation Options (Advanced or Expert Users Only)

C Troubleshooting the Deployment Server Installation